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  • New product training for company sales personnel


    In order to promote the development of the company's business, further enhance the comprehensive quality and business level of the Ryan business team, accurately grasp product knowledge, carry out sales business accurately, and better serve customers, a 4-day internal training was organized from February 24th to 27th.

    Three days ago, training was conducted on the company's new products (Level 4 safety light curtains, measuring gratings, laser protection devices, etc.). Based on past experience, in order to increase the enthusiasm of business personnel to participate in the training and deepen their understanding of the new products, knowledge points were interspersed with on-site answering and physical operations during the product knowledge explanation process. By combining theory with practice, the originally "dull and monotonous" training was turned into "lively and interesting", In a relaxed and tense atmosphere, I not only mastered theoretical knowledge, but also deepened my knowledge points through on-site operations, greatly improving the comprehensive sales ability of business personnel.

    In order to meet the continuous demand of customers for excellent products and provide comprehensive safety solutions, on the last day, we invited our international partner, Nippon Institute of Science and Technology Nara Manufacturing, to give a technical training lecture on new products (such as tonnage meters). Through on-site physical operation, we explained the knowledge points, allowing business personnel to deepen their understanding of the products and lay a solid foundation for accurate marketing and service in the future.