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  • Ryan Optoelectronics is optimistic about the optoelectronic safety industry and holds an optimistic attitude towards 2019


    Since 2002, China has become the world's largest consumer of machine tools. In 2010, the global proportion of China's manufacturing industry reached 18.9%, surpassing the United States (18.2%) to become the world's largest manufacturing country. In 2016, the consumption of machine tools in China reached 22 billion US dollars, with a market capacity exceeding the total of 2-5 (the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, South Korea), and a global share of 34.66%. However, in 2018, the entire industry's art style underwent a sudden change.

    In 2018, there was a saying circulating online: "This year is the most difficult year and the best year of the next 10 years", which hit the pain points of many industries. According to the database of China Academy of Commerce and Industry Research, the national production of metal cutting machine tools gradually decreased in the second to fourth quarters of 2018. From January to February 2019, the national production of metal cutting machine tools was 82000 units, a year-on-year increase of 0%.

    In the view of China Automation Network, not only did the machine tool industry perform poorly, but other industry enterprises also affected by the machine tool industry still lacked a positive leap to boost morale in 2018. Among them, some companies feel confused about the future direction of the industry they are involved in, while others feel a hint of coolness in the industry, but still confident in the future. Shandong Lai'en Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is such a company. According to Zhang Wenhua, Regional Manager of South China of Ryan Optoelectronics, due to the impact of the slowdown of economic growth in the general environment, especially the poor performance of the machine tool industry, the company's sales revenue growth slowed down in 2018, but the overall result is still optimistic.

    Shandong Lai'en Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is a national high-tech enterprise and a member unit of the Forging Machinery Standardization Committee. The company focuses on the research and development, production, sales, and technical services of safety light curtains, measuring gratings, and safety control products, providing efficient and reliable safety protection products and solutions for mechanical and electronic manufacturing enterprises. Its products are mainly used in stamping machinery, shearing equipment, metal cutting equipment, mechanical conveying and handling equipment, automated assembly lines, automated welding lines, automated packaging lines, spraying lines, and other potentially dangerous equipment to protect the personal safety of operators and mechanical equipment.

    According to relevant data predictions, the external environment for the operation of the machine tool industry in 2019 is favorable. With the support and guidance of national policies, enterprises in the machine tool and tool industry are gradually accelerating their transformation and upgrading pace, actively adapting to the changes in demand brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, fully utilizing advanced technologies such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet, improving their product technology level, and adapting to the new needs of the technological revolution in the user field. The product structure is gradually extending to the mid to high end, and domestic machine tools are gradually entering key fields such as automobiles, aerospace, and military industry.

    In terms of the market, the machine tool industry will also face some unfavorable factors in 2019. For example, in 2018, the production and sales volume of the automobile industry declined for the first time in 28 years. In 2018, the fixed assets investment growth rate of the automobile manufacturing industry was 3.5%. In 2019, the industry is not optimistic. Meanwhile, the positive factors for improving the demand for machine tools in the 3C industry are not yet evident. On the other hand, the development of engineering machinery, rail transit, aerospace and other industries is relatively strong, and the demand for machine tools will have a certain growth. Regarding this, Manager Zhang stated that "Ryan Optoelectronics still has a long-term positive outlook on the industry's development prospects." When discussing Ryan Optoelectronics' 2019 development goals, he stated that it is conservatively estimated that the company's sales revenue in 2019 will remain the same as in 2018. However, if the economic situation improves, the company's sales revenue in 2019 will achieve some growth on the basis of 2018.

    In 2018, there were 51000 production safety accidents nationwide, with over 34000 people losing their precious lives, which is truly heartbreaking. At the same time, it is understood that production safety accidents have also shown a trend of developing from traditional high-risk industries to other industry areas, especially in some regions and enterprises, where problems in safety awareness, responsibility implementation, and safety investment still exist. According to Zhang Wenhua, the regional manager of South China of Linen Optoelectronics, in the early years, Linen Optoelectronics products were mainly used in the forging industry. At this stage, the forging, welding, automation, press fitting and logistics industries are involved, and the industry distribution is relatively average. In recent years, Lain Optoelectronics has developed more targeted products for different industries and equipment. At present, Ryan Optoelectronics is actively developing new application products for the automation industry, especially in the field of automotive manufacturing automation. In addition, he also stated that Lain Optoelectronics should not only focus on product quality, but also ensure the certification of safety products.

    At present, the safety grating can be mainly divided into safety level 2 and safety level 4. The second level of safety is generally used in some situations that require testing, while the fourth level of safety is used in very dangerous situations, such as stamping environments, It can be used as a substitute for foreign products such as SICK (renamed as SICK) and Omron. He also added that currently there are many manufacturers in China that produce safety gratings, but many manufacturers' product certifications are not yet complete. It is understood that the measurement grating displayed by Lain Optoelectronics at the Guangzhou Automation Exhibition is mainly aimed at applications in the logistics, packaging, and spraying industries.

    According to data, Shandong Lai'en Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, formerly known as Jining Lai'en Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd; In August 2010, it was changed to Shandong Lai'en Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd; In October 2017, it was changed to Shandong Laien Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. In 2018, Lain Optoelectronics became the first company in its jurisdiction to be listed on the New Third Board. Lain Optoelectronics' South China regional manager Zhang Wenhua said, "Lain Optoelectronics' listing on the New Third Board not only standardizes the enterprise, but also endorses the brand