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  • Ryan Company Holds Fun Games


    On a summer afternoon, with a gentle breeze, the Ryan Fun Games began.

    In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, showcase the spiritual style of the company's employees, and enhance corporate cohesion, the "Ryan Optoelectronics Fun Sports Meet" was grandly held on the company's basketball court on the afternoon of June 26th.

    The company leaders and all employees participated in the sports meeting.

    This year's sports meet features four sports events: Zhuxing Wanli, Invincible Fenghuo Wheel, Chopsticks Pinning Table Tennis, and Throwing Embroidery Ball. On the field, everyone chased after each other, bravely advanced, compared speed, skills, and unity, winning the cheers and cheers of the on-site audience! Each project is exciting and colorful. At the same time, each event is equipped with multiple referees, showcasing elegance and fairness.

    Zhuxing Wanli


    Invincible Wind and Fire Wheel

    Chopsticks with ping pong balls

    throw an embroidered ball

    In addition, the service work for this Games is in place and the logistics support is strong. The referees and staff each perform their respective duties, ensuring the normal progress of various competitions based on the principle of "fairness and justice". This sports meet also set up a variety of prizes, which are easy to get by participating, achieving both results and rewards.

    The participation of everyone in this sports meeting is very high, which has played a promoting role in strengthening mutual communication and enhancing unity among the company's cadres and employees.