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Tufts University & Yale University


Metaphors of Migration

This talk considers the dilemmas of representing contemporary migration in discourses of national security, humanitarianism, migrant activism, and the arts. Whether as foreign threat or suffering victim, the state produces "the migrant" as the limit of national sovereignty, social order, and liberal personhood, even as it seeks to translate the “migrant" into the “immigrant" through regimes of visibility, legality, and temporality in the political sphere, laying claim to migrant labor in the economic sphere, and subjecting what remains to humanist concepts of free will and autonomy. Activist projects and aesthetic works offer other vocabularies with which to represent migration,and other means to frame the political beyond normative ideas of citizenship in the nation-state.


Lisa Lowe

Ph.D. Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz
B.A. History, Stanford University



  • Comparative literature

  • British empire

  • U.S.-Asia studies

  • Transnational feminism





  • The Intimacies of Four Continents (Duke University Press, 2015)

  • The Politics of Culture in the Shadow of Capital, with D. Lloyd (Duke University Press, 1997)

  • Immigrant Acts: On Asian American Cultural Politics (Duke University Press, 1996)

  • Critical Terrains: French and British Orientalisms (Cornell University Press, 1991)


Recent Essays and Articles:

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